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0000051Lazaruspublic2002-05-01 10:59
ReporterBug Import Assigned ToMattias Gaertner  
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Summary0000051: Broken pipe
DescriptionDownloaded FPC1.05 2001/6/14
downloaded lazarus 0.8 alpha

if I set environment/general/files to point to the fpc file /etc/ppc386.cfg lazarus will not load. get the flash screen breifly. Error message in terminal session is "Broken" pipe. Only way around it is to delete the environment...xml file.

I also note - when I do not reference ppc386.cfg and lazarus loads the following messages:

editor options config file not found

and the related warnings about the compiler file and fpc source directory not set
Additional InformationImported information
Name: Ian Upton
Mail: ian.upton (at)
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WidgetsetGTK, Win32/Win64
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2002-05-01 10:59

reporter   ~0000042

Fixed a long time ago by using new TProcess.

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