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0006347FPCTextmode IDEpublic2008-03-16 13:18
ReporterSalvatore LicciardiAssigned To 
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Summary0006347: ide add comment lines
Description(A) You could add edit --> comments/uncomment selected lines? You would have to insert // to
 beginning line if it is long less than 253 characters, otherwise to interrupt the cycle and
 to signal the error. This is useful in order to avoid comments nests to you

{ this program is bad here "x[1]:='0';"
  output is (alt+f5) main , line 5 of ...filename
var x:string;

if I add a breakpoint, when I do alt+f5, there isn't the message.
Can you add it?
can you add into IDE, Run --> Run and skip breakpoint?

bug 4415 is unfixed
Additional InformationReporter: Salvatore Licciardi
EMail: turylicciardi at tiscali dot it
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