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0006709FPCTextmode IDEpublic2008-03-16 12:16
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Summary0006709: Strange behavior of IDE
DescriptionThis error will be the most probably unreproducable, but maybe it'll tell you something.

I wrote some easy program, which use DOS and CRT unit and compiled it for WIN32 target. It works. But the IDE was strange:

a) when I run the program with DEBUG on from IDE and durring it's run I pressed CTRL+C or CTRL+Break, not only program ended, but the whole IDE. Just disappeared.

b) when I put somewhere break point, press CTRL+F9, the program stoped at the break point. But if I then pressed CTRL+F2, program refused tu run again after CTRL+F9, and told something about some signal (I don't remember corectly).

c) if I copy the "procedure EXEC" code from compiler's source to my program (with USE Windows,SysUtils and Last2Dos error procedure), program couldn't be compiled. When I delete this code, program find some random line and told me "erroror while linking" (if I delete this line, it found another one). Even when restart the IDE. But when I restarted the computer, compilation was OK.
Additional InformationReporter: Martin Lux
EMail: martin dot lux at worldonline dot cz
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