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0007120FPCTextmode IDEpublic2006-07-06 02:36
ReporterSteve Miller Assigned To 
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Summary0007120: New file lost when Auto Save Editor Files turned on and using Alt-X , ESC, ESC
DescriptionHave Auto Save Editor Files turned on (Options/Environment/Preferences);
use File/New and type a few characters; then use Alt-X to leave IDE; you will be presented the "Save File As" dialog; decide that you want to enter a little bit more - therefore press ESC; you will immediately get the dialog again; press ESC once more and the IDE leaves without saving anything.
Additional InformationI give it a minor severity as I wouldn't type a lot without saving in between. For people who like to type away for hours without saving (wrongfully thinking an UPS will protect them :-) this might be a major problem.
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