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0000072Lazaruspublic2004-03-17 08:34
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Summary0000072: MouseUp event fires even if user dragged mouse off control
DescriptionI've discovered that, unlike windows, an onmouseup event will fire even if a user has clicked down and then dragged off the control.

For instance... I'm tracking changes in radio buttons with this event, however if the user clicks down, then drags off the radio button, my onmouseup event launches, but the radio button does not change. I have no way of knowing if the radio button was _ABOUT_ to change or not, because this event launches before the change is actually made.
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Name: Tony Maro
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WidgetsetGTK, Win32/Win64
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2004-03-17 08:34

reporter   ~0000055

Use OnClick

Dragging the mouse grabs the mouse and so the OnMouseUp goes to the dragging control.


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