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0007370FPCCompilerpublic2014-10-12 13:15
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Summary0007370: Warning about non-inlined functions / recompile dependents of internally modified interfaces
DescriptionIt would be nice if it was possible to detect that a inline hint was not implemented, and/or to get improved support for the hint. And thus this would help:

o Emit a warning about non-inlined functions.

o Enable repeated recompile of dependents of interfaces modified internally to attach inline definitions (perhaps with separate switch or at some high opt setting).
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Peter Vreman

2006-09-09 00:38

administrator   ~0008878

I'll leave the issue open for now. But i don't think this is something realistic to implement. It can possible generate almost infinite recompiles. Maybe once we have rewritten the unit loading, and are going to use graphs and a statemachine instead of recursion, it can be added to a certain level, but until then it'll never be implemented because it'll cause infinite loops.

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