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0000077Lazaruspublic2002-10-14 15:43
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Summary0000077: OI created events sometimes end up on wrong form
DescriptionThis may be related to the "unpublished" event issue I listed earlier, because I just noticed that's when it happens as well...

When using the OI to create (or sometimes just click the button to edit) a new event for an object, sometimes it will create the event both in the proper unit AND in another unit.

I've seen this happen several times, but like some other things I can't guess as to when or why it will happen.

For instance: I just noticed my FrmEnterWithdrawal and my FrmEnterDep did the following:

{ in FrmEnterWIthdrawal's unit: }
procedure TFrmEnterWithdrawal.FrmEnterWithdrawalCREATE(Sender: TObject);

{ in FrmEnterDep's unit: }
procedure TFrmEnterDep.FrmEnterWithdrawalCREATE(Sender: TObject);

It even creates the reference in the forms type definition to match the mismatched routine.

I noticed it this time because after it happened, the TFrmEnterWithdrawal.OnCreate event existed, but the OI showed "UNPUBLISHED" instead of the routine name.

I hope this helps...
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Name: Tony Maro
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