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0007742LazarusOtherpublic2010-04-23 11:20
ReporterAles KatonaAssigned ToBart Broersma 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86_32OSFreeBSDOS Version6.1
Product VersionProduct Build 
Target Version1.0.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0007742: SynEdit cannot write accent chars even with font.CharSet = UNICODE
DescriptionIf I use SenEdit in either gtk1 or gtk2 and set it's font.charset to UNICODE (had to find out it's 4 btw, where is the constant defined?) I can read UTF-8 files ok, I can also write all chars which don't require a "accent" key.

Let me explain:

If you wish to write eg: á (should look like a with small ' above)
You can either write it using one prepared key in slovak keyboard (where 8 is on the non-numpad) OR write the "´" (should be that small thing) and THEN press normal "a".

It's not a big problem where the choice exists, but not all accented chars are available on the keyboard. I'm sure other languages have such thing too.

In gtk1 I get the "a" and "´" as 2 separate chars if I try to write with 2 keys.
In gtk2 I get only normal "a".
Steps To ReproduceSet SynEdit.Fond.Charset to 4 (UNICODE) and try to write accented chars via the accent modifier keys.
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duplicate of 0001186 closedMarc Weustink "Key combos" do not work on the source code editor on gtk 
duplicate of 0007017 closedBart Broersma Accents and Ñ (capital n with tilde) doesn't work in editor 
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Ales Katona

2006-11-03 16:38

developer   ~0009652

Vincent corrected me on the gtk1 problem with dead keys.

But with gtk2 this is still a bug.

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

2006-11-04 00:34

developer   ~0009660

Thanks for adding additional information for this bug.

After Windows Unicode, this bug is the biggest problem for full Unicode support on Lazarus.

Ales Katona

2007-08-10 11:41

developer   ~0014075

Works in gtk2 now

Vincent Snijders

2007-08-10 12:21

manager   ~0014082

Now it is a gtk 1 only bug.


2008-03-27 15:00

reporter   ~0018462

It does not work for me in GTK2, SVN Rev 14640.
I have a Swiss German Keyboard $LANG=de_CH.UTF-8

For ex. I'd like to write a "â" like in Château.
Two problems:
1: When testing with Keyboard events on a Form or Synedit, UTF8KeyPress is never called (see below)
2: When typing in a TEdit or TMemo etc. the correct character appears but twice (ââ)

Testing all Keyb. events on a form with writeln returns this:

--- Hit the "^" Key
KeyDown 146
KeyUp 146
--- Hit the "a" Key after this-> No UTF8Keypress event. Keypress has normal "a"
KeyDown 65
KeyPress a
KeyUp 65
--- Hit the "a" Key again -> TF8Keypress event with normal "a"
KeyDown 65
UTF8KeyPress a
KeyPress a
KeyUp 65

The "â" is not so important for the source editor, but it's the same problem for "^". I can't type this char in GTK2 IDE but I can paste it from CB.


2008-03-28 12:16

reporter   ~0018469

@Felipe: I don't think 0011045 is closely related. It's, as you say, rather trivial that different source file encodings cause some trouble.

I will sum up the observations for my system:

GTK1: TSynedit -> '^' appears immediately (does not act as a dead key)
GTK1: TMemo -> '^' appears (acts like a dead key) everything fine!
GTK2: TSynedit -> '^' nothing appears, but blocks the UTF8Keypress event of the next keystroke. (see above)
GTK2: TMemo -> '^' appears, acts like a dead key but inserts the char twice.

Other GTK2 based Apps work as expected on my System

Bart Broersma

2009-12-02 12:03

developer   ~0032660

I think this has been fixed in the meantime, with LCL now fully supporting UTF8?

Bart Broersma

2010-02-22 12:48

developer   ~0034669

No feedback from reporter.
Seems to be fixed in the meantime.
Please test and close if fixed, or re-open if issue remains.

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