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0008085LazarusIDEpublic2011-12-01 11:22
ReporterFlorian Assigned ToLaurent Jacques (Wile64)  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9.21 (SVN) 
Fixed in Version0.9.27 (SVN) 
Summary0008085: Button design
DescriptionThe button design is inconsistent. Some buttons use usual style without any icon, e.g. Ok and cancel of compiler options dialogs, some with icon i.e. ok and cancel of external tools dialog. I think a common style would make lazarus look more consistent. I think the currently used icons look rather old fashioned and I propose to exchange these buttons.
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Paul Ishenin

2008-09-27 19:31

manager   ~0022459

Laurent I assinged this to you since you are working with that buttons. Do whatever you want with this issue. If you feel you already added icons to all buttons then just resolve it.

Paul Ishenin

2009-09-04 17:14

manager   ~0030411

A huge work has been done to make ide look more consistent. I think this issue is resolved during it.

Please close if ok.

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