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0008332LazarusDatabasepublic2011-12-01 10:26
ReporterStefano Assigned ToLuiz Americo  
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Product Version0.9.13 (SVN) 
Summary0008332: Problems with Db Float Fields
DescriptionUsing Lazarus and FBDataSet I've meet some problems with Float Fields associated to Db componentes as TDbEdit or TDbGrid:

1) If the user delete the content of a a float field (leaving it blank) an arrour occours: '' is not a valid float. Press Ok to ignore and risk data corruption. Press Cancel to kill the program.

I think the problem is that the field is not setted to Null.

2) Sometimes, with some numbers, there is a problem of precision and in the edit state the number is shown with a large number of decimals, all return ok when the user exit from the edit state.

For example, the number 69,40 in edit state becomes 69,40000000000001, once the user exit from the edit state, the number returns correct (69,40).

I thought of a bug of FBDataSet component and I post this message in the Uib forum:

The author of FbDataSet sais it is a bug of Lazaurs, so I've decided to post the message, hoping this could be useful to you.
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Vincent Snijders

2007-02-14 10:34

manager   ~0011445

CAn you upload his patch?

2007-02-14 13:29


lcl_path.rar (3,478 bytes)


2007-02-14 13:36

reporter   ~0011448

I've upload Alexs'patch. However, I've not resolved with this patch that limits only the possibility of blank field using a mask field but doesn't solve the problem.

Besides, the mask is not always useful to use; however after having installed the patch I've noted a changing in the fonts of TEdit, numbers and letters are written more in the bottom of the TEdit so sometimes the bottom part of the characters is hidden.

The patch doesn't solve at all the problem in TDbGrid and doesn't solve the precision problem. For this I've preferred to not use this patch.

Luiz Americo

2011-05-09 19:32

developer   ~0048160

I tested with Lazarus 0.9.31 r28168 FPC 2.4.2 i386-win32-win32/win64 and both issues are not present anymore.

Can you test and post an example if the bug is still present?

Luiz Americo

2011-05-16 01:46

developer   ~0048325

Seems to be fixed in the mean time

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