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0009429FPCCompilerpublic2011-12-11 17:33
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Summary0009429: DOS stub under Win32
DescriptionThe linker should accept a command line parameter that would let the programmer specify his own DOS stub under the Win32 platform from another object file. Also, a $STUB compiler directive with this effect could be added.
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Peter Vreman

2007-08-13 08:50

administrator   ~0014121

Please provide arguments why this is necessary to support. And is it also supported by other linkers (ie. Delphi linker)? If not then it is better to create a post-processor to replace the stub.

Bogdan Barbu

2007-08-13 20:05

reporter   ~0014141

I'm not sure if the Delphi linker supports this, I'll have to check. However, several other linkers support this, including Microsoft's and MASM32's.

Bogdan Barbu

2007-09-08 21:40

reporter   ~0014575

Apparently TP's TASM accepts changing the stub. This can also be done with bpc.exe by replacing the file called "winstub.exe" which is the default DOS stub. I don't really have Delphi but I'm sure older versions at least must accept this.

Peter Vreman

2007-09-09 16:28

administrator   ~0014579

This feature has low priority so don't expect anything soon. Ofcourse a patch that adds support is welcome.

Marco van de Voort

2007-09-22 12:27

manager   ~0014842

Note that I still haven't seen a reason why this is needed. Only tha that MS supports it.

Jonas Maebe

2007-09-22 23:31

manager   ~0014853

Examples could be that you want to provide a localized version of the error message, or possibly even that you want to include an entire Dos version of the Windows application as 'stub'.

Marco van de Voort

2011-12-11 17:33

manager   ~0054950

Another purpose: loading a windows api emulating dos extender when run as dos.

This makes for console programs that run up the range from dos to 64-bit windows.

But of course the RTL's increasing dependence on unicode (which is bound to only increase in trunk), makes this a bit hard.

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