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0009599LazarusIDEpublic2013-09-03 12:08
ReporterGraeme GeldenhuysAssigned ToMattias Gaertner 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Platformx86OSUbuntu LinuxOS Version7.04
Product Version0.9.23 (SVN)Product Buildr11831 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0009599: Incorrect formatting of setter method after using class completion
DescriptionCodeTools doesn't adhere to the formatting rules I specified when I do class completion of a property that has a Setter method.

   TMyClass = class(TObject)
     property Name: string read FName write SetName;

I then press Ctrl+Shift+C

The resulting SetName method looks like this:

procedure TMainForm.SetName(const AValue: string);
  if FName=AValue then exit;

In CodeTools I specified spaces between identifiers and the equals (=) sign. Also spaces before and after 'is equals' (:=) which CodeTools didn't insert.

Every time I have to manually fix the formatting to this:
procedure TMainForm.SetName(const AValue: string);
  if FName = AValue then
  FName := AValue;

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WidgetsetGTK, Win32/Win64
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Mattias Gaertner

2007-09-20 15:09

manager   ~0014799

This works here. Set insert space in front of identifier

If you are using the GTK2 interface: Remember that the TCheckGroup has the bug, that the checks are not set correctly.
Just open the codetools options dialog again and see if you really set the options correct.

BTW, := is not the 'is equal', but the assignment operator.

Vincent Snijders

2007-10-26 13:33

manager   ~0015764

No feedback from reporter

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