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0009822LazarusIDEpublic2013-09-03 12:07
ReporterElphi Assigned ToMaxim Ganetsky  
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Product Version0.9.23 (SVN) 
Fixed in Version0.9.29 (SVN) 
Summary0009822: Dutch translation error - Dubble klik regel op een bericht ..
DescriptionOmgeving Opties | Bureaublad | Dubble klik regel op een bericht springt (anders: enkele klik)

Dubble moet sowieso Dubbel worden, maar ook dan is de regel onbegrijpelijk.

Also the English version: Double click on messages jumps (otherwise: single click) doesn't make much sense to me. Alternative text?

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Fixed in Revision25489
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Vincent Snijders

2007-09-30 14:27

manager   ~0015004

What concise and clear text do you propose?


2007-09-30 14:56

reporter   ~0015005

Don't know what functionality it stands for. As an outsider I have to consult a manual or forum to find out (and consequently I don't bother). The Dutch text doesn't make any sense at all which makes me think that even the translater didn't know what functionility is behind this item.

Vincent Snijders

2007-09-30 21:10

manager   ~0015017

It stands for the behavior of the mouse in the messages view.

If checked, then you need to double click on the line to jump to the source where the error, warning, note, hint occurred.

If not checked, the line acts more or less like a hyperlink in a webbrowser and a single click will jump to the corresponding source location.


2007-10-02 00:49

reporter   ~0015067

Ok, that's clear now.
My suggestion: Double click for message-to-source line jumps (otherwise: single click).
Or: Double click for message line > source line jumps (otherwise: single click)
Introducing "source line" perhaps gives some context for "message", being (part of) compiler generated message(s).

Maxim Ganetsky

2010-05-18 01:40

developer   ~0037711

English caption is improved, and as a consequence its Dutch translation is lost. So this bug is fixed, hehe. ;)

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