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0009922FPCCompilerpublic2009-10-25 10:07
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Summary0009922: Cannot create WideChar set
Description[WideChar] create [char] set

program wch;

  N: WideChar = #0;
  p: PWideChar;
  w: WideChar;
  p := @w;
  if p^ in [N] then //Error: Incompatible types: got "WideChar" expected "Char"
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related to 0007758 closedJonas Maebe char to wchar conversion and etc. 
has duplicate 0016656 resolvedJonas Maebe WideChar not accepted in set 


Jonas Maebe

2007-10-12 10:29

manager   ~0015361

At this time the compiler does not support sets with elements whose cardinality can be > 255. This is Delphi-compatible. Such support may however be added in the future.

Marco van de Voort

2009-10-25 10:07

manager   ~0031652

(Note that Delphi didn't add sets for widechar when they went unicode)

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